For people in their 20s and 30s, it is difficult to find a home nowadays because of the mortgage charges or high rents. With a Tiny4Life house you have a full-fledged affordable home, which you can also move with you if you want to live elsewhere.



A Tiny4Life house is also great for (young) families or single parents. There is plenty of room to play in the living room and in the kitchen with its 5-metre work surface you can really go wild. Provided the family is not too big.... everyone has their own room.



Students can spend their student time here. 3 separate bedrooms and a common living room/kitchen/bathroom. Ask for our loan conditions. After their studies, they can resell their house or take it with them. By that time, they probably won't want anything else! This way, they can earn money even while they are students.


Volunteer care

Because the house does not need a foundation in the ground, it can be placed anywhere. This makes it very suitable as a temporary home for the carer or person in need of care.

The house can easily be removed again when the care is no longer required.

Holiday home

The Tiny4Life house is also very suitable as a lovely holiday home somewhere in Europe. The entire house, including its contents, is transported by low-loader to the south of Portugal where it will find a nice spot. Or on the many holiday/leisure parks in the Netherlands. For investors, it offers opportunities to get a quick return as an accommodation on a holiday park.

Possible financing

If you feel that this is the house of your dreams, but you don't have the money to buy it yet, you can talk to us about the possibility of 'renting'. You pay in instalments and at the end of the journey you own the house.

It is even possible to pay via Bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

Build it yourself

Do you want to save costs by building your own house? How nice... to build your own house. You only buy the watertight shell. We place it next to our workshop and for six months you can insulate and finish your house under expert guidance. You can use our professional woodworking machines.