With a Tiny4Life home, you invest in a home that you can keep with you throughout your life. Even, if at some point you decide to live in the south of Portugal.

At the moment there are rapidly increasing prices in the wood industry and since this house is 97 percent wood (walls, floors, roofs, frames, paneling and even the insulation is wood fiber) it means that we depend on the price at the time of ordering. We will post current prices on the website on the first of every month. At the time of purchase, that price will then apply.

The Tiny4Life house is for sale in different stages.

All prices listed are excluding 21% VAT.


The casco model

This house is in the base directly wind, and watertight.

Equipped with the full in/out construction, all walls including windows, doors and insulated glazing. The floor and roof are already insulated, the 4 insulated skylights installed.

The interior walls are all paint or varnish ready.

The water pipes in kitchen and bathroom are installed, also the shower tray is installed.

The electrical wiring of both 12 and 220 volts is prepared up to the meter box.

Price €98,800 excluding installation.


Casco plus model
This house has everything as described above but now all exterior walls have also been insulated and timbered with Larch/Douglas boards.

The eaves have been trimmed and the gutters installed.

The shower is covered with standard white tile panels and fitted with glass wall of safety glass.

All electrics in wall and ceiling are finished.

Price €130,600, = excluding installation.



Package of solar panels, in combination with control equipment and batteries; from € 2000,=.

In addition to the self-sufficient solar panels, a connection to 220V is also possible.

Toilet choice between traditional wall closet with water flush € 475,= or a dry toilet € 995,=.

Sink furniture and kitchen we do not provide for the reason that this is very personal.

A beautiful wooden terrace/veranda of a total of 20 m². Wood type Larch/Douglas. Is dismountable when moving around € 6000,= (depending on the current wood price).

Wood stove, we recommend the stoves offered by Rocket Stove. Given their high efficiency and minimal emissions.

Bamboo mats on the roof for a beautiful natural look € 2500,=


Cost of Installation:

Depending on the situation at the location, the accessibility for the truck/crane as well as the driving distance, we give an indicative price of € 6000,=.

Standard we take 3 days for this. On the first day the supports are measured and all necessary piping is prepared.

Second day, your house is put on a truck with a crane and is immediately wind and watertight.

Third day a team comes to connect all the piping and do finish carpentry.


And then... enjoy!