This house fits on a truck. Once unfolded, it has a floor area of over 49 m². With a total of 5 metres of countertop and the possibility of 3 bedrooms, it can be called very spacious, but according to the regulations, it still falls under a tiny house/recreation house. The large downstairs bedroom (2 x 4.8 m) can easily be divided into 2 separate (sleeping) rooms or for example office, meditation room or that always desired atelier. Above the bedroom there even is a 10 m² storage attic.

The staircase is also one big storage cabinet. Every space in the staircase has been turned into a cupboard or drawer. From a key-bin drawer to a storage space for the hoover.

Above the bedroom is a 10 m² storage attic with a height of about 65 cm. How wonderful that you don't have to give away all your favourite books just yet, can store your summer/winter collection and don't have to look at your Christmas tree all year round.

From the mezzanine, protected by safety glass, you can walk into another room of more than 9 m².

The 4 skylights in the roof provide an abundance of light.

The house standard comes with untreated pinewood panels. You yourself can choose a clear or coloured varnish. You can also choose the colour of the window frames yourself.

The cladding is made from European larch wood. Specially milled for us in a profile that suits the refined character of the house. Untreated, this wood will age naturally. Other types of wood are possible at extra cost. Do you prefer a colour? Then we recommend the environmentally friendly 'Moose Farg' paint from Scandinavia.

The standard piping for the kitchen and bathroom is already in place. The type of kitchen or bathroom is of course very personal. You can install these yourself or have them installed by us after careful consultation. We will also discuss the wall finishes in the bathroom and kitchen with you in the acquisition phase.

Our Tiny4Life house

Animation modern Tiny4Life house