Moving thinking with your heart

Suppose your life's path takes a turn, then we can move your house to a new place. Or maybe this Tiny4Life house first served as a home for your student child(ren), but was then temporarily needed as a caretaker's home near your parents, only to find its final destination as a holiday home somewhere. We are ready for any move throughout Europe, regardless of accessibility or distance.

Each unit of this Tiny4Life house has special lifting eyes in the construction, which enables us to work quickly when placing or moving.

And how funny....., you don't need a moving van anymore! You can leave everything in the cupboards. Your entire inventory, including furniture, moves with you in one and the same movement. Let us exceed your imagination.


Before installing the house, we discuss at length with you where the house will be situated and which connections you want to use. And then 'the' moment has arrived:

Day 1, the foundation team prepares the installation.

Day 2, the low loader with crane arrives and places the units. The whole thing folds out into a 'dream house' and is immediately rainproof.

Day 3 is for the finishing touches and making the various connections.